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Chief Resident Nominations

Please check your dfm e-mails for full details. As below: "This is the time of the year when we invite nominations for Chief and Senior Residents for the next academic year. They are to be chosen from among the current PGY1 residents. The Chief Residents are important representatives of our residents, our Postgraduate Education Program and our Department. Input by our residents is highly valued. Coming up with, bringing forth others ideas and liaising between the program and your fellow residents in the role of chief/senior really allows one to make your mark on the program and continue our push to excellence. In addition to that there are a number of opportunities that we offer our chie

FM Notes Order Update

1. We've reached the 20+ people required to obtain the 20% discount so if you were hesitant before, you can rest assured. 2. Some questions that came up: - Re: e-books from the FM notes people - "Unfortunately no bulk order eBook discounts but if you order the hard copies, each book comes with a discount code inside that each purchaser can use to get an eBook for $25." - so by joining our group order you'll get the 20% off hard copy price and then can purchase the e-book separately for a discounted $25. - Re: Receipts - Admin does not really have a way to issue a receipt if you would like to submit for reimbursement from your education allowance. Admin will keep a record of payments and then

Family Medicine Notes 2018 Group Order

We are happy to announce that the chiefs and administration are helping organize the official group order for those interested in Family Medicine Notes: Preparing for the CCFP Exam as the 2018 edition is now available for pre-sale in both hard copy and digital format. Group order information: You receive a 10% discount for orders of 10 or more HARD COPY books or 20% discount for orders of 20 or more HARD COPY books. Current Pricing and Information about the e-book available here: Frequently Asked Questions Important Deadlines: 1. December 1st - Please e-mail me directly by this date if you are interested in purchasing so I have your information and can tell you what the estimated pricing wil

PGY-1: KTI FM Research Mentorship

Dear PGY-1s! Summary: What: A chance for you to become a research mentor for a 1st or 2nd year medical student. Why: Obtain experience being a research mentor and get extra help on your resident research project! When: Presentations are being planned for early January, 2018 given that there is enough interest amongst residents. Exact date TBD. How: This will require you to give an informal short presentation about your proposed research project and apply for summer studentships. Full message: This initiative is being undertaken in partnership with the FMIG (Family Medicine Interest Group). The idea comes from a positive collaborative research experience I had with a 2nd year medical student

PGY-1: Holiday Skit

Hello PGY1's! If you haven't heard already, we wanted to let you know about a very important task coming up that involves your whole group. Read more below: As you all know, the DFM's Annual Christmas Party is being held on December 2nd this year. Every year, there is a friendly contest (read: super competitive) amongst the PGY1s, PGY2s, Faculty and Allied Health staff for best Christmas/Holiday skit. This is a way to bring out the method actors, oscar winning directors, grammy winning singers inside each of you and show it to the DFM. This can be in the form of a video, song, poem, etc. (although it is usually a video which is recorded and played at the party). Last year's competition was w


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