Family Medicine Notes 2018 Group Order

We are happy to announce that the chiefs and administration are helping organize the official group order for those interested in Family Medicine Notes: Preparing for the CCFP Exam as the 2018 edition is now available for pre-sale in both hard copy and digital format.

Group order information:

You receive a 10% discount for orders of 10 or more HARD COPY books or 20% discount for orders of 20 or more HARD COPY books.

Current Pricing and Information about the e-book available here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Deadlines:

1. December 1st - Please e-mail me directly by this date if you are interested in purchasing so I have your information and can tell you what the estimated pricing will be (i.e. 20% off for 20 orders). Please provide your site (KTI, QBOL etc)

2. **Friday, December 8th** you must provide payment in full by this date. We can accept cheques or money orders ONLY – NO CASH – cheques should be made out to “Queen’s University Family Medicine Department”. You can bring them to **Judy Sakell ( or mail them to her attention. No delays in payment are acceptable.

3. December 11th - We will keep track of all cheques/money orders received and then will place the order by this date.

- Once the books have arrived, I will email residents WHO HAVE PAID that they can pick up their FM Notes from the Kingston office.

I'm from QBOL/PK/BQ

- If you are with a peripheral location, please still message me by December 1st if you are interested - you will be then in contact with your respective site chief who you will provide the cheque/money order too.

- We will be working to provide your copies from the Kingston office brought to your site by January 22/23rd.

I need more CCFP Exam resources!

Don't forget we have a bunch of links and resources at our blog over here:



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