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PARO Awards 2019

Isn't Queen's Family Medicine AWESOME? Well time to put your money where your mouth is because PARO wants to know who you think deserves some much needed recognition. See below: Do you think your Program has provided you with an exceptionally positive and rewarding educational and clinical experience? Is there an individual who has advocated on your behalf during residency? Has there been a clinical teacher who has inspired you to reach your goal of becoming a successful physician? If so, now is the time to ensure that these deserving individuals or programs are recognized for their contribution to your training. Each year, PARO provides an opportunity for residents to submit nominations

PARO Resident Teaching Award

Nominations Due: Thursday, January 17th, 2019 at 16:30h to the PGME Office 70 Barrie Street. The 2019 PARO Trust Fund’s “Resident Teaching Award” has been established as an annual award to honour one resident in each Ontario medical school. The recipient of the award will be a resident who provides outstanding clinical teaching experiences to junior house staff and clinical clerks. The recipient of this award will be honoured at the time of the PARO Awards Banquet, which is held in May of each year. Nominations must be made by a minimum of two persons, and those who nominate a resident may be faculty, resident colleagues or m

Women in Medicine Interest Group

The Queen’s Women in Medicine (WIM) Interest Group explores a diversity of perspectives concerning gender in medicine. Our goal is to connect medical students with residents and physicians to discuss the unique issues faces by female physicians. For the first time, the WIM is reaching out to residents to act as panelists for a “Pearls of Wisdom + Panel” Event, in the hopes of bringing medical students and residents together to explore the experience of women in medicine today! If you are a resident who has experience or insight concerning being a woman in medicine that you would like to share with medical students, please consider participating in our Resident Panel, to be held at the New Me


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