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DFM Sweaters

For those who have been eagerly awaiting them, DFM sweaters ARE HAPPENING. 1 - Styles We will be ordering two hoodie styles, each have a men’s and a women’s fit. *Please disregard the price on the website, prices are below, see point #4* Option 1 – Metro Full Zip Hoodie (CFZ-3 for men’s fit, CFZ-3W for women’s fit; links take you to the website). The hoodie will be in black and trim will be in EITHER red trim or yellow trim (as seen below): Option 2 – Baseline Full Zip Hoodie (CFZ-4 for men’s fit, CFZ-4W for women’s fit, links take you to the website) EITHER in Carbon Heather or Black (as seen below): 2 - Sizing For each hoodie style and fit (ie men’s vs women’s, there is a size guide). I ha


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