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Must read: PARO ContractOCFP Transition to Residency Guide and Queen's Palpate This! 2022 Edition

Welcome! The above resources will answer most of your questions and concerns regarding transition to residency in Ontario, KGH orientation, coming to KTI/QBOL/PK/BQ, and what memberships you need to have signed up for. Below is a summary of resources compiled by the chiefs to address your needs as you start your career at Queens Family Medicine.

Key Links:

  1. DFM Elentra

  2. Resident Research Resources

  3. Point of Care Tools available to you via the Queen's Library

Key Contacts:


Kingston-Thousand Islands (KTI)


Belleville-Quinte (BQ)


Bowmanville-Oshawa-Lakebridge (QBOL)

  • Site Director: Dr. Wei-Hsi Pang

  • Site Coordinator: Hollee Wedge

  • Senior Program Coordinator: Julie Hodges


Peterborough-Kawartha (PK) 

  • Site Director: Dr. Chloe Corbeil

  • Site Coordinator: Anjali Sivan



Program Lead Resident Blog

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