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Undergraduate Tech Skills Teaching Opportunity!

Are you looking for an opportunity to teach at the undergraduate medicine level? Do you have a passion for technical skills and want to pass on your knowledge and tips to medical students? Do you want a free dinner??? Queen's Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is hosting a Suturing Workshop for the first and second year medical students on October 28th 2019 from 6:00PM to 8:15PM. Commitment would involve teaching the basic skills of suturing (specifically: sharps safety, the simple interrupted stitch, the vertical mattress stitch, and knot tying) in a small group setting for two 1-hour long, back-to-back sessions. Students will use synthetic suture pads as practice material. A prepara

Who the Heck Are the Federal Election Candidates Anyways?

Hey y'all! MONDAY OCT 21 is federal election day. You are entitled to 3 CONSECUTIVE HOURS OFF FROM WORK TO VOTE - doesn't matter the service or the location; your staff can choose which three hours, but you are guaranteed the time to go flex your CanMEDS advocacy role and/or inner suffragette. Don't know who to vote for? Great point. The CFPC has created this handy-dandy summary of the parties and their platforms so you can be an informed voter! Yay for democracy!

Pre-registration for May 2020 MCCQE Part 2 Open Now!

The pre-application period for the May 2020 Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part II is now open. For eligibility requirements, see: If you are interested in taking the May 2020 MCCQE Part II, the following STEPS are required: Step 1: You must add your name to the pre-application list through your account at any time between Oct 7th to Nov 11, 2019. o Click on “Examination” on the left panel o Click on “Apply for an examination” on the centre panel o Click on “MCCQEII May 2020”. You will need to answer a few questions. Once completed, you will see a confirmation screen that you


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