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OCFP Resident Orientation Manual

The OCFP has just released a new orientation manual for the incoming 2017-2018 cohort. Please click to download. "Its purpose is to acquaint you with some of the lifestyle aspects of living in your city for residency, as well as to provide you with some housing tips. Whether you’re moving to your city for the first time or have lived there previously, we hope that this guide is informative and that you’ll learn a thing or two!"

That's a Wrap

With the last of resident rounds now complete for our 2016-2017 PGY-1 cohort, I just want to remind everyone that they are available here: and for those who have yet to send me their presentation, please feel free to do so! Thanks to the KTI and QBOL residents who have helped this year. We will be leaving these presentations up on the blog for the upcoming year and will reassess after the completion of the next cohort whether they will remain on the site.


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