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DFM Sweaters

For those who have been eagerly awaiting them, DFM sweaters ARE HAPPENING.

1 - Styles

We will be ordering two hoodie styles, each have a men’s and a women’s fit.

*Please disregard the price on the website, prices are below, see point #4*

Option 1 – Metro Full Zip Hoodie (CFZ-3 for men’s fit, CFZ-3W for women’s fit; links take you to the website).

The hoodie will be in black and trim will be in EITHER red trim or yellow trim (as seen below):

Option 2 – Baseline Full Zip Hoodie (CFZ-4 for men’s fit, CFZ-4W for women’s fit, links take you to the website)

EITHER in Carbon Heather or Black (as seen below):

2 - Sizing

For each hoodie style and fit (ie men’s vs women’s, there is a size guide).

I have attached these for your reference. Remember, the Metro Zip (=the hoodie with the trim in red or yellow is CFZ-3 or CFZ-3W), has a more slim fit, and the plain coloured hoodie is called the Baseline (=CFZ-4 or CFZ-4W), and has a more classic fit.

3 - Embroidery options

The Queen’s logo (see below) will appear on the left chest for all hoodies. The “Queen’s University” line will be in red, for all hoodies.

For the Metro Zip hoodies, the “Department of Family Medicine” line will be in yellow for both the red and the yellow trim.

For the Baseline hoodie, we are thinking white for the “Department of Family Medicine” line.

Extra options –

You can order your sweater as above, or you can also add some embroidery to an arm sleeve (left/right).

Last year, for instance, the option was embroidery on the sleeve.

Here are some options/examples of what you can request:

  • Your name *although a caution is that current PGY2s felt that they were uncomfortable at times wearing these sweaters out in public because it read “J. Smith, MD” - You can just have “J. Smith” or “John”

  • Nickname

  • Site (Kingston, Belleville, Peterborough, Oshawa or any of the acronyms eg KTI, QBOL, PTBO, BQ)

  • Leadership role title, eg “Paro Rep” “Site Chief”

4 - Prices

Metro full Zip – about 70$ with taxes included

Baseline full Zip – about 65$ with taxes included

If you want to embroider something on an arm eg your name/site/etc, it’s an extra 5 dollars.

The EXACT price for your bespoke hoodie will be finalized based on total order numbers. It will likely be a few dollars less than the above price (unless you are getting the +5 dollar sleeve embroidery).

When I have everyone’s request, based on the number of hoodies, a final price will be sent to you individually.

For payment, I will be paying PrimeTime Customs directly, which means I will not place the order and pay unless I have payment from everyone first.

5 – Deadlines

If you would like to order, I will need your hoodie preference by no later than Monday April 2nd.

After this time, I will be emailing individually to let you know your final price. At this point, I will let you know what the deadline will be for payment (probably will be about 1 week from when I email you, but I will specify then).

6 – Delivery and Distribution

Once the order has been placed, it will take roughly 2-3 weeks for the hoodies to be ready. I will then send an email about distribution.

So, in summary…

If you are interested in a hoodie, please email me back ( with the following info:

  • Name

  • Resident (with PG year)/Faculty/Nursing/Admin

  • Hoodie style choice: Metro full zip CFZ-3 (men)/CFZ-3W (women) OR Baseline full Zip CFZ-4 (men)/CFZ-4W (women)

  • Size (as per attached sizing guide)

  • Arm embroidery option, if applicable



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