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Chief Resident Nominations

Please check your dfm e-mails for full details.

As below:

"This is the time of the year when we invite nominations for Chief and Senior Residents for the next academic year. They are to be chosen from among the current PGY1 residents.

The Chief Residents are important representatives of our residents, our Postgraduate Education Program and our Department. Input by our residents is highly valued. Coming up with, bringing forth others ideas and liaising between the program and your fellow residents in the role of chief/senior really allows one to make your mark on the program and continue our push to excellence. In addition to that there are a number of opportunities that we offer our chiefs to help them with their growth as leaders.

The structure of Chiefs for 2018-2019 is as follows:

  • There will be one Program Chief Resident for Family Medicine at Queen’s, elected by PGY1 residents at all four sites, and PGY2 residents who will be going on to a third year in 2018-2019. This nomination and election will occur first. The following positions will be elected after the Program Chief Resident is elected (role description attached).

  • Kingston & 1000 Islands Site (KTI) will have two Co-Chief residents, elected by PGY1 residents (role description attached).

  • Belleville-Quinte, Peterborough-Kawartha and Bowmanville-Oshawa will each have one Site Chief Resident elected by the site’s respective residents and faculty only (role description attached). Please note that the Sites elections are often done via email through your current Site Chief/Coordinator. The new Site Chiefs will be officially announced after all elections have been held.

I would invite you to email your nominations for Program Chief and Kingston & 1000 Islands Co-Chiefs, with the agreement of the nominee, to Jen Brierley by Friday, December 1st at (and yes, you can nominate yourself-but only after you get agreement from yourself first!). Those residents that are nominated should submit a short bio or platform, if you will, that will be included in the nomination process. If you have been nominated please have your bio in by Friday, December 8th."



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