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It's only the end of September but PGY2 is flying by and that means our CCFP certification exam is fast approaching.

Speaking with new staff who have recently written the exam, most residents prefer a combination of textbooks, podcasts and practice SAMPs/SOOs in order to prepare. The advice is to start reviewing early as there are 99 topics to cover.

The Chief Blog has a plethora of resources available encompassing all of the above! Some favourites from previous years include:

  • Family Medicine Notes - I will be doing a bulk purchase of this in Nov 2019 for those interested in the latest addition.

  • Guide to the Canadian Family Medicine Examination (Red book)

  • Dr. Kirlew Podcasts

  • CFPC Website Resources

  • Dr. Bouchard's 99 Topic's Study Notes

Additionally, some residents choose to complete a prep course for the exam, however most residents do not feel this is necessary. Links to two of the most common courses are below:

1) The Review Course - Created by Dr. Paul Dhillon and Dr. Simon Moore. Available across the country.

2) Family Medicine Exam Prep Course - Created by Dr. Azra Premji and Dr. Anastasia Prokubovskaya. Available in GTA and Hamilton. Sign up for the monthly emails to receive access to free SAMPs, SOOs and exam tips!



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