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Graduation Awards

Dear PGY2s,

We’re aware that everyone is busy studying for the CCFP exam, as a result we want to pass on this quick reminder for everyone though to please submit your award nominations by the extended deadline of April 27th!

Please use the forms attached to Judy Sakell’s original email (dated April 3rd) in order to complete your nomination and email her directly (

As a reminder, here are the awards:

1. Dr. John T. Tweddell Award:

Dr. Tweddell was a specialist with a passion for FM and is awarded to a specialist who greatly enhances educational experience for FM residents. Please nominate a specialist you have worked with who enhanced your educational experience and include a few sentences on how.

2. Dr. Donald Potvin Memorial Award:

Established in memory of Donald L. Potvin, FRACGP, CCFP (Ott ' 83), former Residency Director, by the Dept. of Family Medicine and others to provide support for a community Family Medicine preceptor. Please nominate a community Family Medicine preceptor for their work and dedication to teaching residents and include a few sentences on why.

3. Resident Experience Enhancement Award:

Awarded to an Allied Health professional (e.g. nurse, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, dietician, social worker, referral clerk etc.) or Administrative professional who has brought significant enhancement to the residency experience. This does not necessarily have to be a Queen's employee (i.e. you could nominate a nurse from a community rotation). Please nominate a non-physician who has enhanced your experience as a resident and include a few sentences on how.

4. "Sparkly Glue" Award:

Awarded annually to honour one graduating PGY2 resident at each site acting as a positive influence on the resident morale and atmosphere at each site. In general, these residents will have had a very positive impact on their site and added "sparkle" through their enthusiastic outlook. Through their inclusiveness of all residents and creativity in this, they have acted as the "glue" for the residents at their site.

Please nominate a fellow resident who has demonstrated the above characteristics and include a few sentences on how.

All awards will be presented at our graduation party on the evening of June15th (more details to come).

Please email Judy Sakell ( directly.

Thanks and good luck!




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