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Grads: Locumunity

Below is a message regarding a newer locum initiative that was brought to our attention.


"My name is Dr. Haneen Abu-Remaileh, and I am a GP locum in BC.

As a locum in my first five years in practice, I noted the lack of a simple centralized search tool for locums to explore all of their opportunities within each province (and cross-country). Locum Recruitment has already been identified as a priority issue at both the provincial and national levels. To solve this issue, we created:

What is Locumunity? We are a platform that actively matches doctors and locums according to preferences and criteria. Through our active matching model we’re able to create a more efficient and sustainable recruitment and retention model for doctors and locums alike. We just launched April 29, 2017!

We hope that the tool will be of use for physicians needing coverage and those wishing to locum. It is for this reason that we wanted to reach out to you and the Queens University Faculty of Medicine. Your graduating residents will most likely want to find locum positions in their first years of practice, and Locumunity allows them to explore urban/rural opportunities easily using an interactive map, rather than having to browse multiple job posting boards. There is no cost to the locum for using our service. The site is nation-wide, specialty-wide.

Please feel free to have a look at our website, for further information. If you wish to get a greater sense of how the platform works you can watch this brief explanatory video"



Program Lead Resident Blog

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