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PGY-2 Renewal Reminders

1) CMPA Membership Renewal (

- As a member, you do not have to renew. There is an form you are required to click OK once you log in and the membership will auto renew on June 20th.

- Current membership ends June 30th.

- Fee has increased to about $3000 this year (means more coming out of your bank account monthly).

- You can apply for a partial reimbursement by filling out and submitting the Medical Protection Liability (MLP) Reimbursement Program form. Deadline Jan 1st, 2018. If you have been approved from the previous year, you do not need to re-apply.

- The renewal form is at the top of the page once you log in. - It's a quick and easy form that will take 5-10 minutes. Fee: $325. This takes longer to process and remember that new PGY1s are also applying now.

- Current membership ends June 30th; Recommended Deadline: ASAP. June 1st 2017 on CPSO website.

- If you have not renewed your PGE certificate by the expiry date, your certificate will expire on that date and you must cease all medical practice and training in Ontario.

- Check your personal info. If you're moving next year, you may want to change your mailing address to your permanent address so you don't lose any mail.

- Full registration requires you to complete CMPA and CPSO renewals. Fee: $700.

- Deadline: June 30th; start now since the above can take a while.

- Documentation to send to KGH is found on above website. Deadline: May 26th

- You do not need to submit the occupational health forms again if you had done it last year.

- If you're in Kingston, you can walk the forms to the People's Services Centre (Armstrong 0) in KGH.

- Alternatively, you can send a scanned copy to Joel Tremblay at (please use your KGH email to send to avoid delays).

5) KGH Training Modules - Mandatory training modules are being mailed to your KGH accounts. To access them, log in to Citrix ( and click KGH Learning Management System. - Deadline: June 12th; they are different for all modules, the first few are due on 12th and more are rolling out with later deadlines.



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