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PGY-1: KTI FM Research Mentorship

Dear PGY-1s!


What: A chance for you to become a research mentor for a 1st or 2nd year medical student.

Why: Obtain experience being a research mentor and get extra help on your resident research project!

When: Presentations are being planned for early January, 2018 given that there is enough interest amongst residents. Exact date TBD.

How: This will require you to give an informal short presentation about your proposed research project and apply for summer studentships.

Full message:

This initiative is being undertaken in partnership with the FMIG (Family Medicine Interest Group). The idea comes from a positive collaborative research experience I had with a 2nd year medical student at Queen's. In short, I wanted extra help with my resident research project and found a medical student who was interested in doing research in FM. We put a grant together and were successful in obtaining a $5000 studentship for summer research. We mutually benefited from this collaboration over 4 months. I gained experience being a research mentor, he got a summer research job paying him $5000, and we both got experience with grant writing. Getting a grant is also a really nice thing to add to your CV!

The FMIG (Family Medicine Interest Group) and I are hoping to organize a lunch time talk in January, 2018 to give FM PGY-1s and 1st or 2nd year medical students an opportunity to connect and pursue research collaborations. Each resident speaker would be allowed to give a short presentation (5-10 minutes) with time for questions. The presentation should include:

- An overview of the project

- Proposed role for medical student

- Desired outcome and what the student could expect get from his or her involvement (e.g. poster publication, 2nd or 3rd author of a paper, etc.)

For those that decide to pursue this research mentorship opportunity, we will be providing handouts with tips on grant writing and information regarding which studentships are available.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at and I will give you more details.



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