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PGY-1: Holiday Skit

Hello PGY1's!

If you haven't heard already, we wanted to let you know about a very important task coming up that involves your whole group. Read more below:

As you all know, the DFM's Annual Christmas Party is being held on December 2nd this year. Every year, there is a friendly contest (read: super competitive) amongst the PGY1s, PGY2s, Faculty and Allied Health staff for best Christmas/Holiday skit. This is a way to bring out the method actors, oscar winning directors, grammy winning singers inside each of you and show it to the DFM. This can be in the form of a video, song, poem, etc. (although it is usually a video which is recorded and played at the party). Last year's competition was won (read: crushed) by our year, the current PGY2's, taking the crown away from the reigning faculty champions.

I do know that the faculty has a video in the works and the PGY2's are planning theirs as well. What will you all do? Come up with something creative!

If you have questions about format, length, etc., shoot us an email. As always, keep things professional and PG. Challenge issued!

Supreet and Hao



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