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Spring 2018 MCCQE Part II pre-application is now open

As per Dr Schultz:

The pre-application period for the spring 2018 Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part II is now open. For eligibility requirements:

If you are interested in taking the spring 2018 MCCQE Part II, the following STEPS are required:

Step 1: You must add your name to the pre-application list through your account at any time between October 26 and

November 27, 2017.

o Click on “Examination” on the left panel

o Click on “Apply for an examination” on the centre panel

o Click on the “MCCQEII Spring 2018” exam option. You will need to answer a few questions. Once completed, you will see a confirmation screen that you have been added to the pre-application list.

o You will also receive a confirmation message once completed. To view this message, click on “Messages” on the left panel.

NOTE: The pre-application deadline is November 27, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. You will not be able to add your name to the pre-application list after this deadline.

Please note the following exception for the spring 2018 session:

o If you are taking the fall 2017 MCCQE Part I or MCCQE Part II — you will have the opportunity to add your name to a pre-application list, if eligible, after receiving your fall 2017 results in December 2017. We will send you a message through your account with more information about this process after you receive your exam results.

Step 2: Wait to receive an invitation to apply; invitations will be sent starting November 30, 2017 for PGY-2+ candidates and at the end of January 2018 for the PGY-1 candidates.

We will randomly select candidates from the pre-application list. While capacity for each session is limited, if a candidate is required to take the exam no later than a given session for licensure purposes or other reason related to progressing through their career, we will ensure that they are provided a spot in the exam no later than that session provided that they add their name to the pre-application list during the pre-application period indicated above. For the spring 2018 session, this would include any PGY-2 Family Medicine residents completing their training in spring 2018.

Step 3: Complete and pay for your application to the exam if you receive our invitation to apply.

If you are selected to apply, you will receive a message through your account inviting you to apply before a specified deadline. After receiving this message, please complete and pay for your exam application through your account. Your application is only complete once you have paid the exam fees and received a transaction confirmation message.

Pour un aperçu du processus de prédemandes, veuillez consulter l’infographique suivant.

Please monitor your account on a regular basis for further updates.

For further details about the spring 2018 MCCQE Part II, please visit our website:


Website: | Email: | Telephone: (613) 520-2240 | Fax: (613) 248-5234 


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